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Truckin 4 Troops

To all of my existing and potential customers,

One of my loyal, patriotic customers started a 501©(3) organization called Truckin4Troops. They have purchased several F650 super trucks in 2010, initially to support and pick up incoming troops at the airport to give them a cool special ride to the hotels while they wait for their layover flights. After the first year, organizations that work with wounded warriors reached out to them to possibly provide special transportation for them. This incredible experience working with the wounded turned their mission in a whole different direction. Truckin4Troops currently have a red and white F650 and would like to expand their fleet to include a blue one and a six door for transporting the wounded and their families for a memorable experience.

They are a magnificent family that has sacrificed all to support our troops and wounded veterans. We have supported them every way we can but we need your help. Please go to, check out their site, and see all the wonderful things they are doing. It makes me proud to have them as customers and friends.